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The book is available from the I-Proclaim Online bookstore (Link below). It is available in Paperback or E-book format. The price for the paperback is $15 and for the e-book $10 . The royalties paid are 30 percent on the paperback and 50percent on the e-book. All these monies will be donated to UNICEF. 

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 about us

We are a group of ESL teachers that got together in the cafe at ESL Printables and became friends and colleagues. The idea for the book "Teaching Children from the Heart" stemmed from the desire to create a permanent memoir of the atmosphere in the cafe, and also to help needy children along the way.

The group:


Anitarobi (Anita)

Ants (Fiona)


Franknbea (Frank)



Julia G



Mariethé House

Pooh Bear (Petra)




The Greek Professor (Effie)

Just a reminder that all these people gave their creative talent and time completely free of charge so that all the book royalties can go to needy children.You too can help by making a donation below which will be added to the charity donation made by Teachers without borders.


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