Teachers without Borders


The book is a varied collection of short stories, poems and essays each produced to compliment the others. It helps us to better understand the creative talent of the various authors collaborating. Below the reviews you can read samples from the book.

 BOOK reviews

 Extract from "Believe" a short story by Frank

Thanta! THANTA!” A little brat in a pink dress, pig tails and no front teeth was sitting on his knee, screaming at him, “Thanta wake up! Were you Thweepin’?”

“HO!HO!HO! Little girl. Merry Christmas. Santa wasn’t sleeping, Santa was just trying to see if he could remember your name.” Jack said, while looking over the girl’s shoulder at a card with her name on it, being held up by one of the stupid elves.

“But I thaw you with your eyeth cwothed.”

“Eyeth cwothed? Oh I seeeee! You saw Santa with his eyes CLOSED! Yes… Hmmm, Santa was just concentrating, that’s all… Now let’s see… Melanie!”

 an extract from "paula the polite" a short story by Anita

And then Jeremy cried again. He'd dropped his bottle. Paula politely said she'd hold it for him for a while and she did, so Jeremy smiled. But it was difficult to see the TV well from the playpen, so she kept leaning away from it, and as she did so, Jeremy's bottle followed. The poor boy got all wet from the spilt tea, and cried. Paula wasn't happy and she felt a light flicker in her tummy. Not a pleasant one.

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 Extract from "The day the ground shook" a short story by the greek professor

I wanted to get my students to safety. I kept shouting to them to remain under their desks until the earth stopped.
I was really afraid for the safety of my kids as I could not bear the thought of having anything happen to them as the class we were in was partly windows.
I was sure that they would shatter and hurt or do something even worse. I did a lot of begging that moment. I was in despair. I didn’t know what to do.
Seconds later but what seemed to be a life time the ground stopped.

 extract from "virtual sharing is real caring" an essay by anaisabel

The anonymity of the Internet can be a cloak of invisibility which will allow you to hold back certain details about yourself while you feel free to reveal others. What I love about virtual friendship is the ties that are formed and the lasting relationships that can stand firm through time and distance. It is a relationship based on personality instead of looks or popularity. However, I’m sure you know many people who aren’t able to understand how you can feel so close to simple words displayed on a computer screen.

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